Cookie Jars are now considered an art form. Collectors more and more are beginning to realize this universally. We all grew up with a cookie jar either in our own home or perhaps we remember the one Grandma had where she pulled out the tasty, home-made treats when we, her grand-kids, visited. One of our first sales when we launched this web site was to a girl who remembered a jar identical to the one she purchased; it was always sitting on her grandmother’s washing machine when she visited. Always remember, cookie jars are a part of our baby-boomer heritage! The collecting population is always growing while the supply of the vintage jars is not! Here, we offer you a selection of original, vintage jars at the most reasonable prices that we can. Why purchase a vintage cookie jar? These are not only investments, they are also memories of our childhood years!

If you do not see the jar that you are looking for, please email us as it may not be listed. If we do not have it we WILL find it for you. Don’t forget to purchase your special, hand-made cleaning cloth for your jar collection!

We buy single jars or entire collections. If you have a cookie jar you’d like to sell or have evaluated, please be sure to include photos with your request. Use the “contact” link.

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