American Bisque ~Rare~ Swee Pea (Sweet Pea) Collector Cookie Jar


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Product Description

American Bisque Swee Pea (or as some call him Sweet Pea) Collector Cookie Jar. Yes! He is an original, flawless, RARE American Bisque Swee Pea Cookie jar, marked simply “USA” sporting the typical ABC wedges on the base. No chips,  but he does have a nearly invisible hairline crack on the front &  the usual crazing that comes with jars of this age. I never understood why they put a bee on his butt, but, its there and unlike many of these jars, this bee is perfect. Many of these jars lost the “bee” a long time ago due to carelessness. Of course another problem was the nose being broken, too.  Look at the photos closely! He’s a fantastic New Year baby! HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER RARE JAR FOR BOTH NOVICE AS WELL AS SEASONED COLLECTOR! GREAT PRICE TOO considering that book values have him priced between $2800 – $3200!  What more can I say? To clean these jars, we highly recommend that you purchase one of our cleaning cloths listed under the “HANDCRAFTED TEXTILES AND POTTERY LINK NEAR THE TOP OF THE HOME PAGE. They’re only $6.99 and crafted entirely by hand. These are soft cloths that will not scratch the surfaces esp for the cold painted jars. If purchased with a jar, there will be no additional shipping fees. If you are so charged for shipping this will be refunded to you if you have purchased one with one of our jars. Please click on the thumbnails to enjoy the view of larger photos of this fine jar then, click “add to cart”!