Coca Cola Syrup Dispenser Style Collector Cookie Jar

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Product Description

Coca Cola: Coca Cola Syrup Dispenser Style Collector Cookie jar. Released in the late 1990’s & copied from the original & famous Coke Syrup Dispenser from the 1890’s, this jar is a wonderful replication of that Victorian syrup dispenser. It bears the Coca Cola label on the bowl and has the same wording that the original dispenser had on the base; “delicious & refreshing”. These jars are out of production now, to my understanding, & they are becoming more and more difficult to find as time passes. Very desirable & highly collectable jar! Bottom-side has the original label showing this was authorized by & manufactured under the direction of Coca Cola. No chips, no cracks. Beautiful jar in mint condition ready for use and display. Sorry, this does not come with the original box but it does have its description papers pasted on the underside as shown in the photo.  Please click on the thumbnails or use the photo slide show to enjoy a better view of jar, then, click the “add to cart” button!

This jar comes with a handmade cleaning cloth, too, to help protect the finish on your fine, aging collectables like this fine jar. We make them ourselves with very soft hand woven materials and these will last and last for you not just for this jar  but any fine item like this, china, porcelain silverware, almost anything! Nice thing right now in addition to a free cleaning cloth is … he’s on SALE! Holidays are coming and these jars make great gifts. We can ship them to the anticipated recipient for you & send the tracking information to you so you can follow its journey!

Please use the photo enlarger so that you can view each photo so they show better detail. Just click on the photo image itself to enlarge it. I know you’re looking forward to owning this little guy and the best part is that he doesn’t require anything but a little dusting once in a while … that’s what the soft cloth is for!