Hull / Regal China Red Riding Hood Small Poppy Chain Floral Design Collector Cookie Jars

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Product Description

Hull Red Riding Hood Small Poppy Chain Flowers Collector Cookie Jar.  The demand for these jars was so intense that Hull needed help to produce them. They turned to Regal China company, well known for their superior quality products. This jar is no less. It’s a very heavy, well-made jar with great coloring, no chips or cracks. This jar has the small poppy flowers in a chain along her skirt and the gold-leaf stars on her apron. There’s the usual crazing & I find one or two straight craze lines that at first I thought were hairline cracks, but they are not. I rub my fingernail over them and they are smooth being under glaze. Unlike many of these jars, this one retains the majority of the gold trim about her hood and other areas where it was originally applied. This jar in my opinion has superior color & quality overall. Signed on the bottom very faintly, so faint it won’t show in the photos but its there… “967 Hull Ware Little Red Riding Hood USA” Really nice jar & a difficult to find one esp in this condition.  This jar has the open basket with the blue tea cloth over the cookies. This one will surely please any novice or advanced collector.

This jar comes with a handmade cleaning cloth, too, to help protect the finish on your fine, aging collectables like this fine jar. We make them ourselves with very soft hand woven materials and these will last and last for you not just for this jar  but any fine item like this, china, porcelain silverware, almost anything! Nice thing right now in addition to a free cleaning cloth is … he’s on SALE! Holidays are coming and these jars make great gifts. We can ship them to the anticipated recipient for you & send the tracking information to you so you can follow its journey!

Please use the photo enlarger so that you can view each photo so they show better detail. Just click on the photo image itself to enlarge it. I know you’re looking forward to owning this little guy and the best part is that he doesn’t require anything but a little dusting once in a while … that’s what the soft cloth is for!