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Hi! Here he is! Mugsy, very highly collectable & sought after jar. This little guy has been a favorite among collectors since he was created by Shawnee. No chips, no cracks & thanks to the Shawnee secret process for glazes, very minimal crazing! Marked “Patented Mugsy” on the underside. Its impressed in the bottom & might be a bit difficult to see, but, its there! This is an authentic jar, not a reproduction. There is a very slight amount of discoloration / staining about the rim of the base. This is typical & barely noticeable. Actually provides a bit of character as well as some authentication since this only comes from age. The look on his face is priceless…. how many collectables like this can you find that have a heart soul & living personality? You gotta love ’em and yes I do have several Mugsy jars in my own collection, so, have one in yours now, too!

This jar comes with a handmade cleaning cloth, too, to help protect the finish on your fine, aging collectables like Mugsy. We make them ourselves with very soft hand woven materials and these will last and last for you not just for Mugsy but any fine item like this, china, porcelain silverware, almost anything! Nice thing right now in addition to a free cleaning cloth is … he’s on SALE!

Please use the photo enlarger so that you can view each photo so they show better detail. I know you’re looking forward to owning this little guy and the best part is that he doesn’t require anything but a little dusting once in a while … that’s what the soft cloth is for!