American Bisque (Repro?) Casper Collector Cookie Jar

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American Bisque: (Possible look-a-like, a take-off on the original?) Casper, Collector Cookie Jar. I feel that this jar is a reproduction, however it was so clean, and, so close in appearance to the original, its very difficult to tell it apart from the original, if it is a reproduction. I am selling this as a reproduction for those of you who might want a filler jar until you can afford the real thing. Back-side is signed as is the original…. “Harvey Productions Inc, USA”. And its signed on the front “Casper”. This jar is more in line with the size of the candy jar than it is the original cookie jar. As you’re all well aware, the candy jar is very rare! Can’t go wrong at this price whatever it is and it is wonderfully detailed jar in mint condition, no chips or cracks. I’m sure you’ll be very happy with this jar! I was when I found him! Enough so to offer him to you for your collection! Please click on the thumbnails or use the photo slide show to enjoy a better view of the jar, then, click the “add to cart” button!

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