Cumberland Ware (Roman Ceramics) Smokey (or Ranger Bear) Collector Cookie Jar

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Smokey the Bear or Ranger Bear by Cumberland Ware Collector Cookie Jar. Cumberland Ware was also known as “Roman Ceramics”. This company is also responsible for the manufacture of other fine highly collectable jars such as W.C.Fields, Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy & the very popular Star Wars jar R2D2. This jar is signed on the underside with a “CW USA”. Not many of these jar retain their cold painted accents that help bring this jar to life such as the eyes, nose, bow tie, etc. This jar is known by some as “Ranger Bear” while to others the pinched forester's hat says this jar is “Smokey the Bear”.  An impressive jar by design and also by size, this is a very large jar. No chips, no cracks, no hairlines and no paint loss. Muted colors will match this jar up with most any décor or theme in your home. This jar is already quite popular and quickly becoming very difficult to find in any condition! To clean these jars, we highly recommend that you purchase one of our cleaning cloths listed under the “HANDCRAFTED TEXTILES AND POTTERY LINK NEAR THE TOP OF THE HOME PAGE. They’re only $6.99 and crafted entirely by hand. These are soft cloths that will not scratch the surfaces esp for the cold painted jars. If purchased with a jar, there will be no additional shipping fees. If you are so charged for shipping this will be refunded to you if you have purchased one with one of our jars. Please click on the thumbnails to enjoy the view of larger photos of this fine jar then, click "add to cart"!
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