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McCoy Turkey Collector Cookie Jar .... Here it is, one of the most collectable jars in jar collecting! Considered one of the "holy grail" of jar collecting! A customer of mine years ago when we had our shop open came in, picked up this jar with shaking hands and said, "Oh my God, this is the holy grail of cookie jars! You don't have just one, you have 11 in stock!" I had to take it gingerly from her for fear that she was going to drop it she was trembling so! Needless to say, she bought one! This is a beautiful jar, and other than some of the missing cold paint here and there, the jar is exceptionally nice condition. It retains a greater portion of the cold paint so that you have a really wonderful, vintage jar. Very solid, heavy jar, no chips, no cracks no hairlines! Ready for your shelf...very clean, no cookie grease. Only one small factory flaw inside where the pottery shrank a bit and separated, not damage just an original historical matter. I did light/color enhance one photo lightening up the bottom so you could see the McCoy mark and USA clearly. This would also make a great table centerpiece or holiday display piece! Great colors, great condition, worthy of any collection!

This particular jar is a highly prized collectable so..To clean these jars safely, we highly suggest that you purchase one of our cleaning cloths listed under the “HANDCRAFTED TEXTILES AND POTTERY" LINK NEAR THE TOP OF THE HOME PAGE. They’re only $6.99 and crafted entirely by hand. These are soft cloths that will not scratch the surfaces esp for the cold painted jars. If purchased with a jar, there will be no additional shipping fees. If you are so charged for shipping this will be refunded to you if you have purchased one with one of our jars. There is a photo available of an example of these great cleaning cloths at that link mentioned within the site. Please click on the thumbnails to enjoy the view of larger photos of this fine jar, or, the title of the jar to enlarge the photos & print, then, click "add to cart"! The shipping fees may not be as high as you will be charged and if they are not, I will send a refund back to you thru the payment processor.
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Price: $239.95

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