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Hull: Duck CJ. Here he is! Incised on the underside of the base, "Hull 966 USA". Fresh out of an estate and in the "as found" condition, still donning his dust and cobwebs from the storage spot where we found him! Exciting find since this jar usually is found with very little if any cold paint on him. I’ve provided a panoramic viewing for the jar so that you can see that he retains the majority of his original cold paint! Like I said, for this jar, a rare find! Now, the question: should we clean him before shipping him to you, or, would you enjoy the pleasure like you just found him in the attic to clean him? PLEASE LET US KNOW HOW YOU WOULD LIKE HIM DELIVERED TO YOU; for you to clean yourself, or, for us to clean him before we send him! In my opinion, a great find in the "as found" condition! Please click on the thumbnails or use the photo slide show to enjoy a better view of jar, then, click the "add to cart" button!

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