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Welcome to Collector Cookie Jars! “Vintage cookie jars give us reasons for fond reflections, its only natural for us to have our collections!” PLEASE NOTE THAT UNLESS IT IS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED, WE BELIEVE THAT THE JARS ARE ORIGINAL/VINTAGE/AUTHENTIC JARS. WE WILL TELL YOU WHAT WE KNOW ABOUT THEM, THEIR CONDITION, ETC. “MAKER UNKNOWN” DOES NOT NECESSARILY DESIGNATE OR DESIGNATE AT ALL THAT A JAR IS A REPRODUCTION. WE JUST DON’T KNOW WHO THE MAKER IS/WAS. If we know the jar to be new/reproduction, we will advise with the information we provide. If you choose to be on the mailing list, simply fill out the form so that we can keep you advised of new offerings and special sales.

I started this site because collecting jars is fun. Jars are a form of art, a part of our heritage, our “Americana”. I wanted to help collectors on every level to find jars at reasonable prices or to help someone find that one jar that maybe grandma had & somehow, it disappeared during the family history. I’m not planning to get rich with this site. I offer this site as an alternative to the often frustrating online auction sites where sometimes you find sellers that misrepresent their item or pack so poorly that instead of the jar, you end up struggling with an insurance claim. You probably know the feeling to lose the jar you’ve been bidding on because someone “sniped” you at the last minute? Sometimes that “sniper” is a friend or family member that the sellers use to artificially raise bids on their items! When you think about it, that seller is stealing from you or whoever ends up with the item that they allow shill bidders, as they are called, to help them get more for the item. If you see a jar listed that you want, my suggestion is to buy it now! I’m sure you also know the feeling of hesitating, going back to find what you’ve wanted had been sold. Nothing is a bargain unless you buy it! Today’s prices are always tomorrow’s bargains. Please keep in mind, the collecting population IS growing in spite of the economy. With that, also keep in mind that the supply is limited while the collecting population grows!

Basically, you’re buying these jars usually “as is” and “as found” but we do clean them to a certain extent after we acquire them for sanitation purposes, particularly now with all the viruses & bacteria about. I don’t think you’ll have to worry about coming down with kitchen disease or second-hand cat-hair disease. We don’t always know any history about the jars; their journey through time to where they are now since we acquire them from different sources. There is the occasional fanatic that HAS to know if the jar was in a smoker’s environment. Sorry, we don’t always know so, just assume that everyone is normal & most likely it was in a smoker’s environment at one time or another, or, perhaps the family used a fireplace. After 50 or 60 years, who can ever really know for sure? Once you get them they are yours to clean & do with whatever you wish. Cleaning and sanitizing for your own is recommended once you get them. We just hope you’ll help be conservators for the next owner in history to come.

We’re here to help you find the jars you’ve been looking for, or, to help you market them. If you don’t see a jar listed, we may still have it but it hasn’t been posted yet or we can contact other people we trade with if we don’t have it in stock. Just write to us! If you have jars to sell but don’t want or can’t wait for what advertising might produce, we might be interested in your single jar or an entire collection. Simply submit the sale inquire request on the “contact us” form to us. You can follow up with photos and other information once we reply to you. 

Understand that these jars are vintage originals in most cases & being as old as they are, they may have an odor that likely is from cookie grease or whatever the atmosphere happened to lend to the jar over the years, including smoke. If this is a concern to you, please don’t buy a vintage cookie jar or collectable. We will not provide a refund based on odors, a crackled surface appearance which is natural for these old jars or other “defect” that comes from use, location & age. Deaths or medical issues do not terminate your responsibility to follow through on the transaction. Once the jar is shown as “out of stock” due to your purchase and or that you’ve paid for the jar or collectable, its yours.

Packing / Shipping / Payment: We may or will use recycled materials, materials previously used, or earth friendly materials such as shaved wood, to help keep the costs down for you & to help our environment. New or old, the packing materials may have an odor of their own. We are not responsible for this & its a fact of life we all have to live with. We will use the US postal mailing system, often parcel post, insured, to ship to you. Your order will be processed & shipped within 12 business days. We accept payment through PAY PAL PAYMENT PROCESSING. When going thru the check out, the system will automatically charge you a flat rate shipping fee. Some of the larger jars, Star Jars, for example or more expensive jars (above $300), you will be charged an addition fee per jar depending on the size & or value for additional shipping fees / insurance. If there is a system error that skips over what might require additional payments, we will send you an invoice for the difference or a refund depending on the error. You will need to satisfy all payments / fees & the funds must clear our bank before we ship the jar. Additionally, for your protection against fraud & to avoid shipping errors, we will send you a request to confirm the shipping information provided with the invoice. We will not ship a jar before you confirm the shipping information.  All sales are final, no refunds, exchanges or returns unless we have completely misrepresented the item you buy & this can be proven. We will be able to identify our items so a substitution with an identical item will not work. If the item arrives damaged, but, please contact us first so that we can help walk you through filing a claim with the post office and for us to be ready to respond to the postal service when necessary to help speed your claim. Each package is insured for full value of the purchase price, so, we don’t provide refunds based on damage caused by handling through the postal service. You have a limited time to file your damage claim so please act quickly and work with us in order to take advantage of the postal insurance claim.

PRIVACY: Your membership information is saved in our data base securely where no one can access that information. We do not share your personal information with anyone, we do not sell it or advertise it. Your credit card information is hidden by the system so that not even we can see it.

There is no telephone support. If you have questions or concerns, please send an email using the “contact us” for a speedy reply. THIS SITE DOES NOT SELL INTERNATIONALLY due to customs expense & delays. 

BUY BACK POLICY: If you should decide to upgrade your collection, jars that you have purchased from us we might be willing to accept back in trade (as long as they are the jars you bought from us) toward a jar of a higher value. We will also consider jars in trade in lieu of cash, too, if you want to trade one of your jars for one of ours. If you choose the latter, then, the jar becomes as money and we will require having your jar first before we ship the one you want from us.

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www.CollectorCookieJars.com is not responsible for any transactions that occur as a result of the classified ads listed on this site. If you enter into a deal with a private seller or buyer through the classified ads, any dispute must be resolved between the two parties conducting the transaction.

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Hi Folks! Thank you for visiting our website. Before you begin navigating our site, please, understand that unlike other websites or online auction sites, we believe in “free trade” and the support of the laws associated with same. Unless the item is illegal or dangerous by nature, we do allow unrestricted sales / trading. For the few that might find certain items offensive, the answer is very simple. 
Just don’t look.
While we do allow the sale of what a few might consider offensive, this does not in any way mean that we support the prejudices of the past or the concepts, ideals and goals of those that may have used these “offensive” items. History is what it is. We cannot change what has been and it won’t just go away because we choose to or want to ignore it. Our past has helped make us who and what we are today in the present. These items are reminders of what we no longer are, the concepts and prejudices that we should no longer practice / embrace. These items don’t perpetuate hate, only people do. Just because someone doesn’t like war, does that mean that we should remove all of the monuments world-wide dedicated to those that fought to preserve freedoms or other rights? Or, remove the information from our history books? If we need to ignore anything, we need to ignore those that are politically motivated, have their own personal agendas, and those that have prejudice and hatred in their hearts as their ideals and motivations. Feel free to contact us for further clarification.