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Welcome to Collector Cookie Jars! Thank you for your visit! On this website, we offer the opportunity for free, unrestricted trading as it is by law and as it should be. Unless the item is dangerous or illegal by nature, you can buy it here if you see it available or you can sell it here.  On this site, you are free to buy or sell without any restrictions. If you have any questions about the items you wish to sell, it only takes a few moments to contact us at admin with a photo and or the information about the item to be sure if you can sell it here. We do not allow the sale of medical or medical related items, drugs & drug paraphernalia, tobacco, guns, knives or other related items. . 
We offer a 3 month membership if you choose to sell your items. This membership is good for 90 days, and, you can list an unlimited number of items. There is a fee, (approximately 2%) that is collected by the payment processing company that does impact the gross sale proceeds, however, we don’t charge a commission on the shipping fees as many of the other sites do.. When you join, you will see the information related to your membership and the fees associated with the same. 
Additionally, you may write to the admin here to see if the site might be interested in purchasing what you have to sell. The other alternative is to buy a membership for the referral program that we offer. This is only $10 per month. This membership will allow you to be connected with buyers if you are a seller or sellers if you are a buyer,  through the site. 
Once again, we want to say welcome to Collector Cookie Jars! We hope you enjoy your visit and find it productive. 

Cookie Jars are now considered an art form. Collectors more and more are beginning to realize this universally. We all grew up with a cookie jar either in our own home or perhaps we remember the one Grandma had where she pulled out the tasty, home-made treats when we, her grand-kids, visited. One of our first sales when we launched this web site was to a girl who remembered a jar identical to the one she purchased; it was always sitting on her grandmother’s washing machine when she visited, just full of chocolate chip cookies waiting for her! Always remember, cookie jars are a part of our baby-boomer heritage! The collecting population is always growing while the supply of the vintage jars is not! Here, we offer you a selection of original, vintage jars at the most reasonable prices that we can. Why purchase a vintage cookie jar? These are not only investments, they are also memories of our childhood years!

Before you begin navigating our site, please, understand that unlike other websites or online auction sites, we believe in “free trade, fair trade” and supporting the laws associated with the same. Unless the item is illegal or dangerous by nature, we do allow unrestricted sales/trading. For the few that might find certain items offensive, the answer is very simple. Just don’t look. While we do allow the sale of what a few might consider offensive, this does not in any way mean that we support the prejudices of the past or the concepts, ideas, and goals of those that may have used these “offensive” items to hurt or defame anyone. History is what it is. We cannot change what has been and it won’t just go away because we choose to or want to ignore it. Our past has helped make us who and what we are today in the present. These items are reminders of what we no longer are, the concepts and prejudices that we should no longer practice/embrace. These objects don’t perpetuate hate, only people do. Just because someone doesn’t like war, does that mean that we should remove all of the monuments worldwide dedicated to those that fought to preserve freedoms or other rights? Or, remove the information from our history books? If we need to ignore anything, we need to ignore those that are politically motivated, have their own personal agendas, and those that have prejudice and hatred in their hearts as their ideals and motivations.

If you do not see the jar that you are looking for, please email us as it may not be listed. If we do not have it we WILL find it for you. Don’t forget to purchase your special, hand-made cleaning cloth for your jar collection!

We buy single jars or entire collections. If you have a cookie jar you’d like to sell or have evaluated, please be sure to include photos with your request. Use the “contact us” link.,