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Unknown maker. Bisque black boy’s head / bust wearing a real straw hat. This is the provenance that I can share; this came from an estate in Florida where the woman had an extensive collection of Black Americana items. This originally was a complete doll.  The old woman had gotten the complete doll but the body was in very bad shape and disintegrating. She removed the body and added the shirt, tie and straw hat. I’ve had this for 30+ years now, so as it is, its vintage on that basis alone. You can see on the underside the hand-stitching from where she added the “shirt”. The eyes are painted on which is a good indication that this doll is older than the dolls that have independent eyes. I haven’t tried to remove the hat, however, you can see indications of painted on hair under the hat. I can’t be sure what the extent of the hair is however, I would guess that he has a full head of painted on hair under the straw hat. So as not to damage the integrity of what this is, I have not tried to remove the hat or other additions such as the shirt or tie. I think he looks great as he is! There are no chips, cracks or other damage. Except for the missing body, the head is in excellent condition. I would date the head at sometime about 1900 – 1925, but, that’s also a guess and I would not swear to it.  


This jar comes with a handmade cleaning cloth, too, to help protect the finish on your fine, aging collectables like this fine jar. We make them ourselves with very soft hand woven materials and these will last and last for you not just for this jar  but any fine item like this, china, porcelain silverware, almost anything! Nice thing right now in addition to a free cleaning cloth is … he’s on SALE! Holidays are coming and these jars make great gifts. We can ship them to the anticipated recipient for you & send the tracking information to you so you can follow it!

Please use the photo enlarger so that you can view each photo so they show better detail. Just click on the photo image itself to enlarge it. I know you’re looking forward to owning this little gal and the best part is that she doesn’t require anything but a little dusting once in a while … that’s what the soft cloth is for!

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